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The Main Street Journal is your newest and most dependable news source for updates on Disney Parks & Resorts, keeping Guests and Cast Members alike more informed than ever before. a work of satire. Any posts regarding Disney Parks & Resorts on this page are works of fiction, even if our fake stories are mostly true.

Here’s what critics are saying about The Main Street Journal:

“I read The Main Street Journal every morning from my cryochamber.” -Walt Disney

“I wish I had The Main Street Journal when I was at Disney. Maybe things would have turned out differently. Now, I never leave home without it.” -Michael Eisner

“Hot dog!” -Mickey Mouse

Non-satirical disclaimer: The moderators of this page are avid Walt Disney Company and Disney Parks fans. The intention of this blog is to humorize a subculture that we love and adore at our own expense. This page is for Disney fans and Cast Members alike.