Disney Guests Mourn Closing of Attraction They Never Heard Of


As Disney continues its large-scale efforts at revamping its parks, it comes at little surprise when the company announces the closing or reimagining of an attraction today. That includes the Sum of All Thrills, the flagship attraction of Innoventions at Epcot, which closed its hoods for the final time on Tuesday after a near seven year run.

But that didn’t stop guests from mourning the closing of the attraction they had never heard of.

“It’s really sad to hear the ride is going away,” Epcot guest Linda Person said. “It was still fresh and getting its start here, and most of us didn’t even know it existed before today. It’s sad to see it taken from us this soon.”

South Carolina resident Reece Gowdy, who visits Walt Disney World with his family of five twice a year, stood in line for 60 minutes on the ride’s final day to bid his farewells to the newly discovered attraction. Gowdy voiced his concerns that Disney is not doing an adequate job appeasing the passholders and frequent visitors with the closings of such attractions.

“I’ve been coming to this park time and time again since I was my son’s age,” Gowdy said. “It’s not fair to the regulars that Disney closes classic attractions I didn’t even know about like this when I’ve never even been on the ride yet.”

As guests stare up at the Kuka Robotics arms whirring around, tossing riders back and forth through the air, it’s easy to see why the closing of this uncovered gem is upsetting guests. Along with Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster, it is one of two attractions in Disney World that has the capability of inversions and also allows guests to create their own thrill attraction.

Looking around the rest of Innoventions, it is clear to see that Disney has a new vision for the future of this area of the park. It is a shell of its former self, opening Wednesday with just one attraction that no one has still ever heard of, Colortopia.

“It’s a shame to see Innoventions reduced to almost nothing,” Sum of All Thrills Cast Member Jon Ybrik said. “I’m excited to see what the future holds, but these buildings used to be filled with such energy and with so many exciting attractions that guests had no idea were even there. I’m going to miss it.”

At press time, guests still had no idea that StormStruck, a 4-D hurricane simulator in Innoventions, also closed on Tuesday, or that it ever existed.


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