Disney CEO Bob Iger Begins Second Job at Publix After Losing Hours at Work


Due to heavy hour constraints at Disney’s corporate offices in Burbank, Cal., CEO Bob Iger began working a part-time job as a grocery clerk at Publix to offset travel expenses between the company’s California and Florida sites.

Citing major budgetary overloads from newly-opened Shanghai Disneyland, as well as construction on several major new lands in Disney’s domestic parks, Iger stated that he was left with no other option.

“It’s been a tough few months for me,” Iger said while stacking cans of Campbell’s soup on aisle seven. “Between my massive mortgage, car payment, and political contributions, I’ve barely been able to keep up.”

Iger continued to state that he’s been living paycheck to paycheck, but even that has not been enough.

“I put it off for as long as I could, but that’s why I was ultimately forced to apply for a second job,” he said, his misty eyes staring blankly down the aisle. “It’s not what I want to do, and working grocery isn’t exactly my preferred line of work, but I’ve got to do something to afford my lifestyle.”

While the new role has been a huge life change for Iger, his Publix coworkers have been impressed with his ability to adjust on the fly.

“Bob has already become a major asset to our store,” Publix manager Jason McDonald said. “Sure, he comes from a different background than most of us, but he brings a lot of business know-how and passion to work every day.”

Iger stated that while many of the mundane tasks of being a grocery clerk were quite unbearable, he thoroughly enjoyed bringing his Disney guest service to the supermarket arena, such as helping load groceries into customers’ cars, as well as the satisfaction of making shoppers smile at the register.

“The older ladies always tell me I’m handsome,” Iger said, breaking a crooked smile. “So being the charmer I am, I make sure to ask them for their I.D.’s when they’re buying wine.”

As the company begins its efforts to regain financial footing within its parks and resorts, Iger is holding out hope that someday sooner rather than later he will no longer need a second job. For the time being, he finds solace in the fact that he is still able to pay the bills.

“I love working for Disney, and I can’t imagine leaving it behind, so this will have to do for now,” sighed Iger, gathering abandoned shopping carts from the supermarket parking lot. “It’s really not that bad.”

At press time, Iger was reportedly seen quietly sobbing in the produce section, wiping away his tears with a crisp hundred-dollar bill.


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